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In the Sacrament of Confirmation, the baptized person is "sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit" and is strengthened for service to the Body of Christ.


Saint Bernard welcomes the youth to build a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our two year program emphasises the importance of strengthening one’s relationship with God. Through Confirmation, you are confirming your faith in the Catholic Community. 


Youth Confirmation (high school students)

To be enroll, the teenager must be the one coming to the Office for Youth Confirmation (located behind the Friendship Hall). Please bring with you the Baptism and First Communion certificates. 


The enrollment fee and more details are given to you when emailing Avelina Jiménez sbconfirmationsac@gmail..com

Faith Formation Plan

Due to COVID-19, we will be offering family catechesis. A catechist will visit you weekly at home to gather the WHOLE FAMILY on the day and time agreed upon by your family and the catechist.


No official date has been set to start classes. We hope to be able to do it safely sometime in early September.


Should be at an open space at home, because our classrooms will not be available and we do not consider it appropriate to teach catechism online. Faith is something that we must pass from person to person. And not only by word, but with affection, attention and care.


Family members will receive together the preparation for the reception of the sacraments: the children will be prepared for their first communion; adolescents and young people will be prepared to receive their confirmation.


The couple will be issued a certificate that will allow them to be godparents (baptism, first communion ...). The certificate is proof that the couple have already received the relevant preparation to marry in the church.


In the event a child over 7 years of age is not baptized, he/she can received baptism and first communion in the same celebration.

  • To receive the First Comunion, children must 7 years old.

  • To receive the Confirmation, the candidate must be over 12 years old.

  • The reception of these sacraments will be at masses and celebrations together with the entire parish community.

Class Schedule

Due to COVID-19, no official date has been made for when class begins. We expect sometime in early September. At this time we are not offering online classes. 

Rules and expectations

Without the full commitment and seriousness on the part of the parents (guardians) the task of catechesis is destined for failure and an unsuccessful reward. For this reason, we are committed to a new way of sharing the faith in Jesus Christ, participating fully in the life of this community of St. Bernard. We hope that the whole family (especially the parents) will attend mass with the whole family on Sunday.

Families who wish to be part of the program must meet the following requirements:


  1. Be registered in the parish for at least one year prior to registration.

  2. After registering in the Parish, they will receive the envelopes to deposit their offering at each Sunday mass. Once the emergency is over and it is obligatory to come to mass, you can bring your envelopes to deposit them in the basket during the collection. That will be how we will be taking your attendance.

  3. Help sell Parish Raffle tickets for our festival or any other fundraising.

  4. Comply with the required service hours.

  5. We may ask parents to attend some "ONLY PARENTS MEETING" during the program.

What about me?

I am single and older than 18

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (18+)

Saint Bernard welcomes any adult who are in need of the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion or Confirmation. 

If you are interested about the Catholic Church, would like to learn more about our faith, or are ready to convert, we invite you to join our RCIA program.

This program will be available too for those living by themselves without family members. Or in the event family is not ready to catholic faith.


Please consider same Rules and Expectations above. Plus, if the candidate has been cohabiting, should be willing to marry in the Church when receiving the sacraments. 

Class Schedule

Throughout the process, you will learn key points of the Catholic faith, have an opportunity to ask questions, inquire about your doubts and concerns, and discuss different aspects of faith.

Class is every Sunday from 10:30 am - 12:00 p.m. There is no fee, and walk-ins are welcomed. The course is from September through June. Please check back for official date. 

Meet The Team

Avelina Jimenez

Confirmation Coordinator

Tina Robinson

RCIA Coordinator

Desi Ortiz

RCIA Catechist

9647 Beach Street, Bellflower, CA 90706 

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