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Family Catechesis

Family Catechesis provides the opportunity for families to complete sacraments together. With the components of a Sacramental preparation program while creating deeper bonds and understanding in the family as a whole, parents and children can receive the sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation after completing the program. Families would meet monthly for a family catechesis session and be sent home with activities to complete before the next meeting.

Prerequisites and Commitment 

With the full support and seriousness from the parents/guardians, we are committed to a new way of sharing the faith in Jesus Christ, participating fully in the life of this community of St. Bernard. Our hope is the family will attend mass together on Sunday. 

Families who wish to be part of the program please complete the following:


  1. Be registered in the parish. When registering, checkmark Yes to receive envelopes. 

  2. Once you receive envelopes, you can deposit them in the basket during the Sunday collection. That is how we will take your attendance.

  3. Help sell Parish Raffle tickets for any fundraising.

  4. Comply with the required service hours.

  5. We may ask parents to attend a few meetings during the program. 

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Serving in Religious Education

Whether you're interested to be a catechist or an assistant, we are always looking for spirited volunteers! Our program usually runs from September through April, and have class once a month. Please contact Ron Armendariz below for how to become a volunteer. 

Meet The Team

Ron Armendariz

Director of Religious Education


Tanya Rodriguez

Religious Ed Assistant

Josephine Armendariz

Youth Ministry Coordinator