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Text-Email Scam

There have been reports from the community receiving emails and text messages purporting to be Father Toribio using (317) 563-1742 phone number.

As a reminder, we need to be continually vigilant about e-mail and text messages we receive, even if we recognize the sender’s name, since that sender’s account may have been compromised. The following points may be useful to:

  • Some e-mails or texts contain demands for immediate action, threatening disconnection of e-mail service, loss of health insurance, or loss of access to other programs if you do not send money, gift cards or reset your password. Question any items that require you to take immediate action.

  • Do not give out personal information, including Social Security Number (or even part of the Social Security Number), credit card numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, or birthdates.

These examples may seem obvious; however, scammers pressure and confuse people. We need to be constantly vigilant. Please check the bulletin cover page for our Parish contact information. If you have any doubts, do not respond to emails or texts; verify first and call our Parish office at (562) 867-2337.



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