The Mass is the most perfect form of prayer!

 - Pope Paul VI

Offering a mass is a beautiful way to remember someone who has passed away, as well as for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or thanksgiving.

A mass intention can also be offered for those who are ill, or are going through a difficult time and would want the support of the church and the Lord.

How to Request a Mass Intention
You can do when coming to any mass at Church or at the Rectory Office.  At the office, a card will be given to you with  date you would like the mass offered, name of the person or family, the reason and either a contact number or email.
We ask for a $10 donation.
 Please request a mass intention no later than 48 hours of the desired date. If it is for a weekend mass, please request no later than 72 hours. We need to weeks to process your intention and have it ready at the parish Sunday bulletin.

You can also drop off your donation at our office with the details of your intention or mail your request. 
We ask that donations be made by cash or check.
Image by Prateek Gautam