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Lenten Challenge 2023

Week after Ash Wednesday: Welcome to our Lenten challenge!

Challenge #1: don't hit the snooze button tomorrow morning. Be determined to start your day for Christ by getting up on time.

Day 2: Drink nothing but water today. Each time you crave your usual caffeine kick, offer it up as a prayer for someone in need.

Day 3: Plan to give up your usual Friday treat this week. Instead, save the $3 and give it to someone in need.

Day 4: Lent is a time for simplicity. Go through an area of your house and donate things you no longer use or need.

First Week of Lent

Day 5: Choose a weekday to attend Mass, a service, or a Bible study this week.

Day 6: Abstain from social media. Spend the time in prayer, or face-to-face with your family or friends.

Day 7: Give alms. If you don't know where to give alms, give to your church or pick a charity based on a cause that you are passionate about.

Day 8: Fast from something today and offer it to Christ.

Day 9: Consider a good habit you can begin this Lent. Write it down and leave it on your mirror or some other place where you'll see it daily.

Day 10: Abstain from all sweets, treats, and desserts.

Second Week of Lent

Day 11: Turn off all music. Enjoy the stillness of silence, and ask God to help you listen to Him.

Day 12: Abstain from second helpings, snacks in between meals, and food after dinner.

Day 13: How can we say we know God if we don't spend time with Him? Pray quietly for 30 minutes.

Day 14: Open up your Bible and read a chapter or two as a family or with a friend.

Day 15: Don't talk bad about anyone behind their back.

Day 16: Turn off the TV. Spend time in prayer or being present with the ones close to you.

Day 17: Pray for a culture that respects life from conception to natural death.

Third Week of Lent

Day 18: Make a list of ways you can offer your services/skills, then prayerfully consider taking the next step to serve in one of those ways.

Day 19: Write a short letter or note to someone you love--whether you drop it in the mail or on their pillow.

Day 20: Take a cold shower. During it, thank God that you are able to take a hot shower on most days and pray for someone in need.

Day 21: Do not purchase anything, unless it is completely necessary (groceries for your family's dinner or the utility bill, for example).

Day 22: Don't check your phone when you are with others. Focus on that person as someone made in the image of God.

Day 23: Tell your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, or coworker 3 nice things today.

Day 24: Thank a delivery driver, postal service worker, garbage collector, police officer, or any public service worker.

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