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RE-Congress Youth Day


As teens we are being asked to make life changing decisions on a daily basis. LOS ANGELES YOUTH DAY, YOUR PATH DAWAITS We are encouraged to do whatever makes us happy. Have fun, live your life, be comfortable. However, that is the path of the world. God on the other hand has a path specifically crafted for your salvation. This path will be full of challenges, pain, and suffering. But you won't be alone. Along this path, we have been given friends to help us endure the journey. That's why it's not just your path; it's our path. Together we can reach salvation; endure the pain with hope and joy knowing we are a step closer to salvation.


Young people of High School age

are invited to join us for Youth Day! Register for just $35 per

participant until January 22nd. Price increases to $40 per

participant on January 23rd. When registering for Youth Day, you do NOT need the names of the young people attending the day. You only need the number of youth badges and the names of the adult chaperones you are registering.


7:30am - 3:30pm - Sacred Space

8:00am - Opening Session | Arena

10:30am - Workshop 1

11:30am - Lunch

12:45pm - Workshop 2

2:15pm - Closing Session Eucharistic Liturgy

Register Here:



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